Green Members

Every one is the member of green world. We are staying( Temporary because we have to die one day) in this world and we have to do something better for people and environment.

Every moment we need oxygen and other gases.  These are from nature. We should plant trees for having green environment.

We should love people and try to help another. We should plant trees.

We have a lot of works to do and making green world is one of them.

We should make authentic minded person having proper knowledge.

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Everyone will do:

  1. Helping the rootless people.

  2. Cleaning the own body and room

  3. Indirect or direct helping for cleaning the village,city,towns and the country.

  4. Thinking for family members about the authentic educations.

  5. Planting trees in the land or top.

  6. Personal analysis

  7. Helping the parents and all the people according to the ability.

  8. Throwing the waste materials in right places.

  9. Worship on basis of holy books.

  10. Look before you leap.

  11.  For having authentic green world it is too urgent to manage waste materials. This is our hobby to throw our waste materials in the right places. Right places meaning the fixed places. No bad smelling will be focused.

    There should have a bag by which we can throw the materials in the fixed place.

    We can make some volunteers who will do this work. We should give water in the dust. There should have a caretaker at all the roads. He will clean the road and give water if there is dust.He will also plant trees beside the road.

    The person who lives the nearest distances of the road should do this work.

    Actually everyone should think about this cleaning systems.

    For mental satisfaction we should do this.

    Solutions keys of the problems:

    Make a team in your own areas.

    Give some salary for the person who will do the dutes.

    Mutual help is needed.

    If everyone is ok then all are ok.

                                Daily Routine

    There are many activities that we do daily.

    We should do all things on basis of perfect knowledge.

    This continuous activities start after getting up from bed and active until sleeping.

    We have to get up from bed at early morning.

    We should go to toilet.

    We should brush our teeth properly and carefully.

    We should wash our hands and legs.

    We should pray.

    We should take breakfast in time.

    we should drink water timely.

    We are not in one place all the time.

    We have to go to toilet but that is for few moments.

    We have to go to market but it is for few hours.

    What is life?

    What is love?What is money?What is life time?

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    What is aim in life?

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    How to get happy in life?Life circle is important. We are not constant in any place in this world. We have to move one place to another.After getting up from bed we are busy to go to the toilet.

    Having fresh we have to go to office. We have to go to market.

    We have to go to any places in the day. We are not fixed in any places. 

    Moving is the part of our life. Right now you are reading our website.

    You are thinking about us. You are thinking about our business and policy.

    After some time you will be busy for your own work.

    This is natural that we can not stay in any fixed places.

    We may not stay 24 hours in office. We may not stay all time in house/market/institutions. For passing our life we have to move from one place to another. 



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