By | February 7, 2018


Learning and earning is so essentials for the needy students. There are many students who are not able to continue studies due to lack of money. Their parents are not so rich to supply the expenses. This is so essential to earn money for needy students.

Tuition is the part time job for students.

Getting tuition is not easy.

For having tuition you should have link with teacher or tuition media.

Reference is needed for getting a tuition. You should have relation with senior brother or relatives or tuition media.


Social media link is also important for getting part time job.

Call this number for your desired tuition. You will get the solution for having tuition.

We need internet for many reason. For online job we need to connect the internet. How to get the internet is shown in this video.


Driver wanted for a company. If you have a certificate then click this video for details.

Driving certificate is needed for driving transport.

If you know how to drive a motor bike or car then you can earn part time job in easy way.

Driving certificate is the extra qualify for your life.

You can get a certificate in student life in very easy way.

Driving sector is vast sector for career.

How to drive a car or bus.

Click the video for details


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